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Sixth Sphinx comes in two editions.
The free edition crops and resizes images. It expires one month after downloading.
The cheap edition performs all the functions on this page. It runs for six months after downloading. Only $5.
And you can give a copy to a friend.

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Adjust Lighting

original photo

after adjusting with Sixth Sphinx

screenshot of Sixth Sphinx

maximum exaggeration for artistic effect

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Adjust Colors

original photo taken in dull light

colors enhanced by Sixth Sphinx

colors exaggerated for artistic effect

colors restricted for artistic effect

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Overlay Text

If you are using an original image file from a digital camera, any text overlay can include certain parameters stored in the file such as the time of the photo, exposure, and aperture as in the example above.

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Overlay Images

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Were you inebriated when you took a photo? Hide the evidence.

original image

the same image rotated in Sixth Sphinx

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resizing in browser

resizing by Sixth Sphinx

Assuming that your digital camera produces images good enough to make printed photographs, those images have much more detail than a computer monitor can show. This means that when you use those images in email or on a web page, your image files are much larger than necessary. For instance, the image file on the right above is less than 1/50 the size of the original JPEG image file from the digital camera. Even if you say that all your friends and/or customers have high-speed internet connections or don't mind waiting a long time for images in your email or web pages to load, another problem is that web browsers and email programs generally shrink overly-detailed images to display on a monitor using the simplest, fastest method of resizing. This causes the unsightly defects in the image above on the left. The image on the right is the same image shrunk by Sixth Sphinx.

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Cut away parts of your image that distract from your point.

What language is this?

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