Adobe Photoshop and Sixth Sphinx both allow you to: - Adjust Lighting           
- Adjust Color
- Overlay Text
- Overlay Images
- Rotate Images
- Resize Images
- Crop Images

Adobe Photoshop also offers many, many more features.
Sixth Sphinx does not offer any more features.

Adobe Photoshop costs many hundreds of dollars.
Sixth Sphinx costs $5 for the six-month version.

If you buy Sixth Sphinx, it is okay to give a copy to a friend.
And any time in the next six months when you are using a different computer,
you can download Sixth Sphinx again at no additional cost to use on that computer.
(That's assuming the computer has an internet connection and meets the system requirements.
If it is not your computer, you may need to arrange with the computer's
owner/administrator to be able to run downloaded software.
The new download will have the same expiry date as the last edition you purchased.)

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